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Earlier today, Tuesday 4th April, 2022, the Abia State Polytechnic c Students’ Union Government led by Comr Ibeh Prince Progress visited the Rector of the institution Prof. Kalu Osonwa Okorie in his Office at the Rectory chamber to press further the grievances and agitations of the Nigerian Students in respect to the ongoing second semester exams.


Recall that the exam timetable stipulates that ND 1 and HND 1 students will write in the morning (8am – 12noon) while HND 2 and ND 2 students will write in the afternoon (2:00pm – 5:00pm) which is a reverse of what is been done in the time past. After making our submissions and arguments known to the Management of our institution today, highlighting some of the implications of the exams schedule, the Rector responded by telling us that they’re aware of all the implications we’ve started and assured us that they’d tighten the security situation in campus.
He went further to give us the analysis of those owing their tuition fee and from his analysis and the facts presented before us at the meeting, above 70% of ND 2 and HND 2 students are still owing the institution. He pleaded that the adjustment in time is to enable the institution embark on fee drive in the cause of the examination.
However, the following resolutions ensured.
1. All ND 2 and HND 2 final papers will be written in the morning to enable students celebrate the successful completion of their exams.
2. There’d be no splashing of water, wine and or any liquid in the course of the celebration.
3. Students are allowed to wear their various uniforms only on their last paper.
4. No student is allowed to wear any form of beret hat on the last day of examination.
5. There’d be intense fee drive in this ongoing examination.
6. No form of musical instruments and or loudspeakers should be used during last paper celebration.
7. SUG election screening holds on Monday 11th April, 2022
8. No form of alcohol is allowed during the celebration of any final paper within the Polytechnic community.
Finally, students are advised to be of good conduct during this examination and avoid actions that will be detrimental or could disrupt the smooth running of the ongoing examinations.
To this regard, we wish all Abia State Polytechnic Students a successful exams!

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