February 25, 2024


There are three ways to add new channels to your decoder. You can add channels through Auto Scan, Manual Scan, or Blind Scan.

Auto Scan: This is also referred to as an automatic scan. It is a process of automatically scanning the frequencies already saved and stored in the receiver. All newly launched channels under the existing frequencies saved in the decoder will be added and start showing under AUTO SCAN.


Manual Scan: This is the process of scanning the receiver manually. You cannot scan the receiver manually if you do not know the channel frequencies. It requires inputting the frequencies of all channels.


Blind Scan: It is a process of scanning the receiver to get frequencies of saved and unknown frequencies recently added to the satellite dish position. A Blind Scan takes longer to complete, but it is the most efficient way to add all newly and recently added channels to the receiver.

Click on the link to watch how to add new channels to your Receiver






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