February 25, 2024

Okwuluora raised over 32million naira in 48hours

Have you heard about Okwuluora Ndi Igbo?

Okwuluora Ndi Igbo is a media personality who has used his influence to save the lives of people in Nigeria.

He has used directly raised over 200 million naira for different people facing life-challenging illnesses.

A victim of Police Brutality was abandoned in the Hospital with a medical bill of over a 1.2million naira. His leg 🦵 was cut ✂️ off due to the bullet from the police.

The family members couldn’t raise 1 million naira. He was almost abandoned with no hope from Government agencies. Until Okwuluora visited the Hospital and appealed for funds within 1 hour. He raised over 1 million naira And the Man was discharged from the hospital.

Recently, he visited a man who was almost abandoned for 10 years in a Sickbed with no hope and money for medical treatment.

Interestingly, @okwuluora raised over a 35million naira within 48 hours of calling his followers for help towards the Sick man and his family.

Let’s Celebrate him.

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