February 25, 2024

Abia Transparency Movement knocks Rights Group for Petitioning IGP over Arrest of 17-yr-old boy in Aba

The Abia Transparency Movement, ATM, have reacted to the arrest of a 17-yr-old, Ihechi George Emeka, a native of Isu-Njaba community of Isu LGA in Imo State who lives with his Aunt in Aba. 17-yr-old Ihechi was arrested by the officers of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, Aba Command, in accusation that he stole a phone belonging to a supposed police officer.

The incident, reportedly occurred on September 29th, 2022, around 1:PM, Emeka was picked up by the RRS Aba Command and has been held under custody pending his bail. Miffed over Emeka’s ordeal, Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society (CEHRAWS) wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police, praying that he uses his office to bring justice for Emeka.

According to the Rights Group, Emeka’s aunt who sales confectioneries and soft drink were allegedly asked to bring a sum of N130,000 for his bail.

Reacting, Abia Transparency Movement, ATM, in a statement signed by Comrade, Emeka Chukwuma, President and Comrade Uche Stephen, Secretary, knocked on the Human Rights Group for Petitioning the IGP without proper investigation into what really transpired. ATM also revealed that the case is already in court, stressing that there was no way the RRS would have demanded Emeka’s aunt to bring N130,000 knowing fully well that the matter is before the law court.


The statement reads: “The attention of Abia Transparency Movement, ATM, a group of Abia professionals, Businessmen and Women who have the good interest of Abia State at heart has been drawn to a petition addressed to the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Usman Baba, and copied to relevant police authorities written by the Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society (CEHRAWS) wherein the group accused a member of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, in Abia state of threatening to killed a 17 years old boy, Ihechi George Emeka, a native of Isu-Njaba community of Isu LGA in Imo State who lives with his Aunt in Aba.


“When we read about the publication in the news, as a body that care about the welfare of Abians and her residents, we move into action, investigated the complain made by CEHRAWS to really acertain what truly transpired between the police RRS Unit and the said 17 years old boy who we were told was in RRS detention and N130,000 demanded for his bailout by the police as alleged in the petition. “Our investigation revealed that the matter in question is before the court of competent jurisdiction were it is being trialed. The police cannot take any suspect on bail in a matter that is before the court of law.


So for the human right group Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society (CEHRAWS) to accuse the RRS unit of demanding for any money for a bailout in a matter that is before the court does not hold water. It a false alarm just to subvert justice. “The young boy was arrested on Friday and charged to court on Tuesday because Monday in South East is a sit-at- home day which makes it impossible for the court to sit on any matter.


“The RRS police unit in Abia state have been a unit that have been living up to her duty demands and responsibilities when it comes to crime control and protection of citizens against criminal elements in the state. “Ordinarily, some people who are into one or two criminal activities or people who have skeletons in their cupboard will be jittery and will always oppose the good intentions of the security agents who are putting their lives on the line to make our society safe. “The Rapid Response Squad, RRS, unit in Abia state have always lived up to expectation in her duties. They are the reason why Abians can go about their normal businesses today.


People would have left the state if not for the good job done by these hardworking security agents who work round the clock to ensure that the state is safe for residents. “The petition is a plot to draw the hand of justice backwards which is totally unacceptable.


The petitioner should approach the court of law to address their matter and not going to the media to tarnish the good image of the RRS unit who have always proved their mettle and Abians are happy with them . It is totally wrong to subject a matter before the court to media trial. “Though we do not speak for the police but the truth have to be said at all times no matter whose ox is goosed.

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