February 27, 2024

Mr Peter obi and Hon. Emeka Nnamani


Mr Peter obi and Hon. Emeka Nnamani

The Labour Party candidate for Abia North and South Federal Consistency Hon. Emeka Nnamani has revealed he joined The Labour Party after Mr. Peter Obi decamped from PDP to Labour Party but deems himself lucky to have gotten on board before the massive OBIdient wave rose to the present level of National acceptance. He disclosed this during an
In an interview granted to CASAT media.

Hon. Emeka Nnamani also acknowledged the impact of the Labour Party Presidential Flag bearer Mr. Peter obi to the party stating that Mr. Peter obi sympolises hope for the common Nigerian. He believes Peter Obi will move Nigeria from Consumption to Production and would add value to the lives of Nigerian citizens through people oriented projects and policies.

Recall, Since the emergence of Mr. Peter Obi as the Labour Party Presidential candidate various groups under Obidient held peaceful rallies in Support of Mr. Peter Obi for President in almost all parts of Nigeria, witnessing mammoth crowds from all works of life

Hon. Emeka Nnamani believes that Nigeria Presidential Election in 2023 is between Mr. Peter Obi and INEC based on the fact that Nigerians need a better country and no candidate can move Nigeria from Consumption to Production apart from Mr. Peter Obi and as therefore stated that the electoral body is the only institution that can marr the Hope’s of Nigerians in the creation of a new Nigeria.

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