February 25, 2024


2023 Election: “Why I Didn’t Leave PDP Amid Crisis”, Governor Wike

Governor Wike has insisted that the party must follow its original tenets that the party stands for. Read more:

The pragmatic Wike who entertained his second epic media parley said all the party requires to reach a resolution and peace is to follow the right process towards ensuring peace

Wike said he and his cohorts are still at the party because they what the statutory principles of the party to be followed to ensure fairness, equity, and inclusiveness without any ounce of compromise. He said he and his cohorts want the party crisis to end as quickly as possible and that it is only possible if the leaders paved the way for it.

Governor Wike said: “Is not leaving PDP enough concession? Which concession have they made. If I and the other five governors say we are leaving the party, will there still be PDP? There is nobody who wants to win election and see what’s going on now and say it is alright?


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