September 30, 2023

YPP - Nwafor


…group says no amount of propaganda will stop them from supporting NANA

In Umuahia earlier, Engr. Enyinnaya Chima Nwafor (Nana) came face to face with deep love and acceptance from Ikwuano and Umuahia people..

YPP – Nwafor

The group led by Dr. Ephraim Iroakazi under the aegis of IKWUANO/UMUAHIA MOVEMENT, an amalgam of spirited youths, women and men across political parties and interests came out in their numbers to pamper Engr. Nwafor who they described as the “incoming Governor of Abia State”.

Nana: “I had thought we were coming to meet a few organic supporters. We can feel the aura of your love, goodwill and overwhelming support. Today, we assure teachers, all categories of civil servants, investors and indeed all of us, that in our lifetime and effective YPP’s 2023, Abia will pay salaries, pension, gratuities regularly, create wealth, build infrastructure and improve the overall standard of living of all Abians and residents. Thank you for this massive support. We will never forget”

Dr. Iroakazi: Ikwuano and Umuahia people from different parties and interests will work tirelessly to ensure you are elected as Governor. We like your personality, we value your antecedents, your sense of passion and level of preparedness. We are solidly behind you”

The women: We appreciate you for reposing confidence in women. For allowing a woman as inspiring as Chief Mrs. Nnenna Obewu to lead your campaign, for demonstrating to us HOW you would achieve all your lofty ideas, for showing empathy at all times, we will ensure that our husbands and children vote for you. No amount of propaganda and cheap lies against you can deter us from allowing God to use us in your favour”.

The Founder of Each One Aid One Foundation was accompanied to the epoch making event by Chief Mrs. Nnenna Obewu Onwuka, Director-General, Nanaofuji Campaign Organisation, Prince K.O Mgbeahuru, Dr. John Ahukanna, Ugochukwu Nwogu, Chief Mrs. Grace Ada Aguah, Benson Uche Egbuchiwe, Azubuike Onuoha, and High Chief Okezie Nwaeze among other RESTORATION AGENDA EVANGELISTS.


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