February 21, 2024

2023: Masses, Youths Told To Vote For Tinubu

A group under the auspices of Disciples of Jagaban Independent Campaign Council (DICC) has told Nigerian masses and youths that their best bet in the forthcoming presidential election is the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

National Chairman of DICC, Comrade Abdulhakeem Alawuje, insisted that if only less privileged Nigerian youths and masses could realise who Tinubu is, they would personally lead all the independent campaign team for his victory in 2023 election.
In a statement on Monday, Comrade Alawuje, advised the youths to get their bearing right and to see Tinubu as the defender of the less privileged in the country.
“If Nigerians youths and masses must get it right this time around,  2023 will determine if really we need positive liberation or not”. He said.
Comrade Alawuje pointed out that, if other contenders are quick to forget their past leadership styles,  Nigerian youths should quickly remind them about the massive looting of public resources when they held sway.
“Let’s assume they could not think of their past, Nigerians need to let them know that our collective senses were not looted along with our national wealth that they had successful looted.
“It’s only in Nigeria that the crooks and selfish leaders are always celebrated by those who they successfully mortgaged their future in the past.
“Some of us will never keep quiet to allow those who have all chances in the past to solve the problems of this country but instead turned around to loot the treasury”.
The group asked the youths to find out what led to the collapse of industries and factories in major cities of the country, as well as the problems bedevilling the country’s educational system.
“I am still wondering if Tinubu refuses to come out in public to campaign, his track records, his antecedents alone, should be his selling point, to attract votes for him.
“His political sagacity can never be undermined by those who benefited only when Nigerians are in crisis,  some of us have been in the system for a while that is why we took up to volunteer ourselves without waiting for anyone to ask us to do it.
“We started before any group, we started before those who he made to be who they are today in 2019 We threatened him that if he refused to come out, we are going to sue him and charge him for disobedience to Nigerians. We thank Almighty God he answered our call, we stood by him until he won the primary election and we are not going to leave him alone until he wins the general election and we must still stand by him socially, spiritually physically until Nigeria get liberated, transformed,” he said.
He said the special message from the DICC to all youths and masses of this country, is for them to take 2023 as their rescue time

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