February 20, 2024

    Tinubu Won’t Discriminate Against Any Faith, Tribe-      Coalition Of Muslim Women

Chairperson of the group, Rasheedah Adebari gave this assurance while speaking in an interview with CASAT TV political show on Friday.

The COMWA chairperson, in the course of the interview, told the anchor of the TV show, Damilola Ogunsakin that the Tinubu is the most tolerant presidential candidate for 2023. She said, “We see Tinubu as a man who shows the true federalism. He is highly tolerant. He is not biased, doesn’t disregard the tribe you come from or the religion you’re practicing. He is a man that has touched everywhere; either from West, to South or from the North to the East.

“It’s not until a candidate is a Muslim before you can support him, but it’s by some certain qualities. We are supporting him because of his tolerance and he has brought this to the limelight of politics. He is understanding on basis of diversity and religion. These are the qualities that can not be left out.

“We are not supporting Tinubu because he is a Muslim. Before now, he is somebody, who has already built his empire, with outstanding personality. If you trace his successors very well, you will see that in the ratio of 2:5, he has more of Christians behind him more than Muslims. Our faith doesn’t give room for anybody that has sentiment based on religion,” Adebari added.


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