October 3, 2023

Blessing CEO

Many marriages will scatter if side chicks stop opening legs – Blessing CEO

Controversial social media personality, Nkiruka Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO has argued side chicks are the bedrocks of many marriages.

The self-proclaimed relationship and mental experts in a video outlined the ‘powerful’ roles side chicks play in the marriages of their married men partners.

Addressing the single ladies dating married men in a video, she began: “You, yes you! You that is dating a married man. You that is sleeping with a married man, dating a married man. You that is having an affair with another person’s husband.

“That married man you are dating is actually dating you so that he can keep his marriage. You’re giving him everything that he lacks in the marriage. Why do you think he’s going to leave his wife? Reason it now, just use one minute.

“You are the distraction. I have said it a lot of times, it is side chicks that are the reason a lot of women are still married.

“A lot of marriages are still standing strong because of side chicks. Because everything their husbands are lacking, they are getting it for free from young girls who they are giving peanuts. That is the reason why it is hard for that married man to marry you.

Blessing CEO

“‘I will leave my wife….I will leave my wife’. They will never leave their wives because everything they are lacking in the marriage, you are giving them. You are the one holding the marriage. You don’t know?

“A lot of you side chicks are very powerful. Na you hold the marriage. Because everything his wife cannot do, you’re doing it.

“When the wife is pregnant, you’re servicing him. When the wife is not in the mood, you’re servicing him. Everything his wife cannot do for him, you’re doing for him. That is why he will rather keep you as a baby mama. So that you can be satisfying his need.

Chiding side chicks that fall in love with married men in the process of having affairs with them, Blessing continued: “Let me tell you something you don’t understand. A lot of married men are selfish and very transactional. This is the reason when a married man wants to chase you, he’ll spoil you with gifts. It’s transactional for him. He wants something from you.

“Stop getting carried away when you’re dating a married man. It is strictly business. If you decide to choose to date a married man, it is business.

“I find it so annoying when I see a lot of beautiful young ladies saying, ‘I’m in love with a married man.’ Somebody else’s husband?!

“If you want a married man to marry you, don’t sleep with him. If you want a married man to leave his wife, deprive him. Yes! You cannot be giving somebody everything for free that you tell them to come and marry you for.

“It is the relationship that the married man is having with you that is solidifying his marriage. That is making the marriage strong kakaraka.

“Oh! You think because you are sleeping with a married man, you want to scatter the marriage?

“And that is why a lot of married men are always angry when they see their wives go to fight side chicks. Why are you going to fight the woman that is building your home?

“A lot of married men are always angry when their wives go to fight side chick that is helping them. Because if a lot of these side chicks decide to close their legs, your marriage will scatter. Your husband will leave you.

Taking her address a step further, the mother of two decided to dish out advice to young ladies who have their minds made up to date married men.

She added: “So this message is for young girls who are dating married men. I want to advise you like a big sister and a big aunty. So draw your ears. This message is from a sister to a sister, women supporting women.

“When you are dating a married man, bill them. It is a transaction. Nothing like, ‘I’m in love with him…. I’m in love with him.’

“If you decide you want to carry belle. Let it be that the pregnancy you are carrying is because you want to benefit something. Because I know a lot of young girls are getting pregnant for married men because they want to be collecting money from them. Good! At least, you know what you’re doing.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “Side chicks are one of the major reasons why a lot of MEN are still married to their wives.

“I know many women especially can’t stand honest reality, they live in illusion and fantasy but the truth is, side chicks are one of the basic factors holding a lot of relationships and marriages.

“Side chicks deserve a big thank you from society because if they decide to put value on themselves your husbands will leave you for them.”


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