February 25, 2024

Chief Ikechi Emenike

“If you steal Abia state’ fund under my watch, you will go to jail”-Chief Ikechi Emenike


Chief Ikechi Emenike, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Abia state, has emphasized that the size of Abia state’s budget is a critical problem with governing the state.

Chief Emenike termed the increase in the size of Abia’s budget as “physical engineering” needed for prompt development of the state. He compared Abia state to Ondo, Ogun, and Bauchi state whose budget he said has increased while that of Abia is still crawling.

Chief Emenike gave the statements while unveiling his manifesto on Sunday in his home town Umukabia, Ohuhu, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia state.

In the manifesto titled “Rescue and Develop Abia” which has in content “23 key deliverables for 2023”, various strategic ways of piloting the affairs of the state were listed, amongst the list are;

(1)”To lead by example, demonstrating discipline, hard work, integrity, and unwavering commitment to the new Abia State; and ensure that all Abia citizens follow the same path. We shall restore high moral, ethical, competent and godly standards to governance.

(2) “Create building blocks for development such as agricultural, financial, industrial, technological, and infrastructural base for sustainable development in Abia State. A full-fledged commercial bank with headquarters in Umuahia and branches in each of 17 LGAS. Ditto Insurance, Merchant and mortgage institutions. There would also be an industrial zone in each LGA in the State, and an industrial cluster in each senatorial zone for small- scale industries and artisans.

(3)”Transform Abia State into the diplomatic capital of the Southeast by working assiduously to attract the siting of major consulates in the State.

(4) “Enhance the Gross Domestic Product as well as the Gross Domestic Happiness of the people of the State.

(5) At the end of our four years in office, Abia would be spiritually, physically, economically and socially better than it has been.”

In achieving the needed development, Chief Emenike said it will come to fruition through a budget increase to boost the development of the state.

“You must have the passion to develop the state.

“Anybody who is an economist will tell you it is possible. We want to create money, a new budget to develop Abia”. Chief Emenike said.

While speaking on the corruption in government, he said it will be a thing of the past because he will ensure that the money that belongs to Abia will be judiciously used for the development of the state.

“If you steal Abia state’ fund under my watch, you will go to jail”. All those people they shared money to in the state for example, I told them to try hard for me not to see that list when I get to government house”. Chief Emenike added.

Chief Emenike however advised journalists to ensure they cast their vote during election day before they go about their primary activities of gathering and disseminating information for public consumption. He however also called on pensioners and civil servants owed backlog of salaries in the state to vote in the March 11 gubernatorial election to rescue and develop Abia State. .

He also debunked speculation that he is a controversial person, rather one who demands for the right thing to be done always. He however stated that every aggrieved member of the party will be accommodated when he becomes governor of Abia state, also nothing that no party in Abia state that doesn’t have issues to trash out.

Chief Emenike is currently in court with Sampson Ogah over the quest on the rightful candidate to represent the party as guber candidate in the Abia state 2023 election.

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