February 20, 2024

Alex otti and Lyda

ABIA WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE congratulates Gov-Elect Dr. Alex Chioma Otti

Alex otti and Hon Chief Mrs. Lynda

The ABIA WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE humbly writes to congratulate you on your new position as the governor-elect of Abia State.

This victory has warmed the hearts of many who have Abia State in their innermost thoughts and our best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibility of this high office.

As you embark on this responsibility, the ABIA WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE is a group seeking good governance in the state.

You have contested this position for several years yet you were tenacious despite the number of opponents. It was challenging but the victory was yours.

The New Abia that will be built through you will be remarkable and extraordinary, and her glory will be sang all over the world.

Let there be a positive difference seen and felt around the State by making your words your bond.

The efficient way to thank Abians for this mandate is by keeping your promises and delivering effectively.

We want to respectfully remind you that you are the governor for all.

You are for every Abians and not for a particular zone or political party or family member. Many are yearning for this great change, putting their trust and confidence in you, and expect that you will not disappoint.

Therefore, the ABIA WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE is ready to work with you and be at your service.

We will relentlessly give our best for the good of the state.

Once again, congratulations your Excellency on this mandate. May the strength and glory of Abia State be restored through you.

Thank you for your tenacity, consistent courage, and steadfastness. It’s time to write your name in gold by giving in your best.

President, ABIA WOMEN FOR CHANGE INITIATIVE, Hon Chief Mrs. Lynda Chukwudumebi Friday…

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