February 25, 2024

My convocation marks the beginning of my celebration in Life- Casmir Nwakanma

Casmir Nwakanma

My convocation marks the beginning of my celebration in life, it was also a moment of reflection of where God has brought me today.

Casmir Nwakanma

Indeed, it would have been extremely difficult to have passed through the higher institution without God. Recall, I had a lot of challenges before gaining admission In fact, I rejected my first admission to study Urban & Regional Planning because I had no passion for it.

I had to wait for another 2 years, before accepting to study Public Administration but As an O’level student I knew my academic challenges, so I promised myself to change my story.

Firstly, I joined Saturday & Sunday tutorial classes with accounting department students to study some accounting courses assigned to our department. It wasn’t a free program but in addition, I invited the best accounting department graduates to teach me in a private accounting class. It became difficult for me to fail any accounting course.

Secondly, I selected my friends based on their academic intelligence. It is indeed true that when you associate with successful people you will be successful.  why? Because they don’t miss lectures, tests, exams, and constant reading.  They always wake me up to read at midnight and not for clubbing.

Even as a student, I accepted invitations to teach my coursemate and public administration students on any course most especially accounting.

Finally, I didn’t read to pass exams alone. I have never declined any invitation to handle tutorial classes for ND1, ND2, HND1, and HND 2.

Indeed without Abia Poly, I wouldn’t have passed through NYSC or been honoured by European Union in Nigeria in 2019.

Casmir Nwakanma

I dedicate my celebration to my parents who supported me to complete my academic journey in ABIAPOLY.

Casmir Nwakanma

I sincerely tell you today, that if I can succeed today, there is nobody who cannot succeed.

1. Believe in God,
2. identify your challenges
3. be consistent,
4. adopt a new approach,
5. Never Give Up.

Casmir Nwakanma

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